Disappearing Acts of Love

All my life, I have been searching
Searching for that affection
The love that I never received

I know my father is deceased
So you're a single parent
You've been searching and dating to find a man that loves you

But what about us?
What about your kids?
Where's our love?

We only get these material things
The clothes, shoes, money
But what about the act of devotion
Your support, advice and time
Where's our love?

You love these men but not us?
We've been here before they ever came.
Where's our love?

Why do these men get your attention and affection
While we get your yells and screams
Where's our love?

When they leave you,
I hope that maybe you'll show us you love and care about us
Instead, you're spending all your time crying and expressing your pain to your friends
Where's our love?

You can't forget about the ones you brought into the world
These men are redundant
Your kids are permanent


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