The Humpty Dumpty Theory


A girl and her family sat on a wall,

That was the bridge that connected them all,

The dam that allowed for happiness to flourish

Mistakes to be blown off

Smiling family moments could be captured

By those wonderful Kodak cameras.

The sadness was building up over time

But the dam kept it from being shown to the crowd,

The scandalous affair that worked in the shadows

Yet once it builds up, it has to be let loose........


And there was a day where the sadness erupted

Hate and anger became the family's biggest problems

(Instead of what day Family Game Night was on)

And the dam that the girl and her family had

Finally cracked and broke down.


The family had a great fall to the ground

Leaping with their eyes shut, a parachute just in case

Not just jumping off, hand in hand

Waiting for the net to appear............


One left, a few deaths,

A wedding and a family trip

A return of winter when the one came back

Yet nothing seemed to patch them up.

No more happy dinners, no more Monopoly.

Just the anger and blame that everyone had.


"Maybe this would work....maybe that could happen..."

But the result was always the same.

The girl and her family all squeezed their eyes shut

Not keeping their mind open

Their pessimism keeping them from advancing across enemy lines.


And all the shrink's horses and all the shrink's men

Could not put her family back together again..........................


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