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A lot of people had come and gone. Even those we confined on. Regardless betrayal. It's absolutely true that, even a family can never be together forever,
                                                              Il cielo azzuro non è il paradiso Non è affatto la stessa cosa Cari amici.  
"CHOICES If you need peace I'd give you to paradise, don't touch the die hell is a home of chaos! Heaven or hell choice is yours." -C9fm
The sorrowful heart, the sadness  No peace of mind, no serenity  Tranquility got conquered  Conquered by fears and cries 
"AS LONG I'M NOT WITHOUT YOU" Breathe: breathe sweet love from your heart it's all I wanna smelt. It feels like heaven even if is hell as long you're with me all I see is paradise haven.
Here again, i'm cradled by the unreleasing arms Of the white, shot sun's grim descent It always finds me frantic, unprepared I try to talk myself into some kind of world of understanding Find empty auditorium seats
I have heard of a place  A place that no mortal eye has seen A place that no mortal ear has heard And a place that no mortal soul could imagine And what can lead us to such a place
I trace the bark of every tree,And feel the life in every leaf.I eat foods of abundant flavor,And taste fruits of wondrous savor. My sight is sharper than a hawk,
Poetry has taught me how to write to escape the world and problems that seem unbearable. It has taught me to turn them into thoughts and feelings of beauty. Shedding away their misery, along a sea of glass.
Hast thou been to Paradise? He asked me as I rolled the dice In a small game of chance. That word does not suit my fanc'. Nothing is certain, I say, Nor Heaven, nor Hell, nor Purgatory.
Hop across the pads of lily To where the grass is blue and silly Swing among the baobab trees And float like a leaf upon the breeze. Then head over yonder, You'll find me there, Where the earth is rich
Tongue. Mine and yours. Mine on you. Body. Yours and mine. Yours on me.   Tongue. Seal the blunt. Hand. Roll it. Lungs. Inhale and exhale.
Sensing change in the breeze, Hearing music in rustling leaves, Finding hope in the strength of the trees, Seeing beauty in the birds flying free, That feeling of wonder when you stop to believe,
Fought so long and hard that I've forgotten who I am, Breathed the dust of angels and choked on the sand, Wrestled with the devil and bled scarlet, heavy red, On the other side of Paradise, where I lay almost dead.
I feel ocean air when I'm landlocked, Passed through every obstacle and roadblock, There's dirt under my shoes, but it sure feels like sand, I've taken the scenic route, but I'm just where I planned,
  Waves are rolling with rhythms of blue. Bubbles surface with an off white hue.  Sun beams down, no clouds in the way. Salt in our hair for a multitude of days.
They chained me to my walls, The metal pieces well-hidden underneath my decorative dress. I lived in a prison bedecked with flowers and jewels. They exclaimed “what a palace fit for a princess”
My Life, I've always faced conflicts and bad luck, I never can find myself happy for a full month, not even a full week, better yet a whole 24hrs, But I hold on,
The earth sprouts new life like love grows attachment and clings on  tight. Like a new-born bird taking flight for the first time, leaving the nest, taking chances.
There will be world peace but only when Jesus Christ returns.We will be resurrected whether we are buried in the ground or are ashes in urns.Everybody will be friendly to each other, racism will be a thing of the past.
When Jesus resurrects us in the future, we will live in paradise.There will be no sickness and no deaths, it will be very nice.Everybody will be best friends, we will all get along.
Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden because they angered the Lord.Jehovah blocked the entrance to the Garden of Eden with Angels and a flaming sword.
We die because Adam and Eve sinned.That is why our lives come to an end.Sin is what makes people grow old and frail.Sadly, we die because Adam and Eve failed.
At that very moment I wanted nothing else, I just wanted all of him to myself.
I wake up in Egyptian cotton, sun coming in thr
My feet sink into the earth, Like an old man in his favorite chair. Microscopic life tickles between my toes Leaving a sense of clarity and peace. The air tousles and textures my hair,
Great orchids bloomAgainst the humid, foggy gloom,Seedlings eat the deadAnd on my skin rolls angry redAs army ants crush my bonesMarching over my heaving tombstone;And I rot six feet underneath
When I wake up from my sleep, I see spacious oceans so deep And towering mountains so steep. Is this paradise?  
What if at the end of this road
Take me far away to a paradise where I can listen to the sound of the ocean against the shore instead of my heart thumping inside of me when I am near you Please get out of my fucking head I want to die
A perfect world is a world without badness, violence, death, pain, and sickness. There is an abundance of food, and humans will have work they will enjoy.
It was all incredibly detailedHow he dove into her drained eyes,How he explored her dark and poignant soul;
The beautiful shine of your golden skin---It nearly blinds my eyes.Surrounded by a crown of golden leaves,
You are my oasis. The sky is blue, blue waters, bright sand, you are the water that turns my desert into a beach, you, shade of the leaves that rewrites trials into isles of paradise,
Different we all are Similar we appear to be Perfection is a star An unreachable image we can see A personal paradise… Something we’ve always craved for A perfect world so nice…
Paradise sits on the mountainside Towering buildings of all size Where the water rolls and glides Up on this city of mine   Towering buildings of all size
You have a million things crossing your mind.time, money, bills, and schooling.So many things that you have to keep track of.As soon as you lose grip you're losing sight of. 
Let's say we ran away to those islands you love so much I leave my hair all curly and wild and collect sea shells to make jewelry to sell you'd run a little grill shack on the beach
  On the farthest edge of the world, far from the choking grip of industry and civilization, lay an untouched paradise, drifting in the sea. Palm trees swayed in the warm breeze, shading things that crawled and slithered and jumped.
In the clearing over yonder, A willow faces west; Branches reaching further; I'm almost there at best; Yes my heart its pointing Northerly; To go or just to stay? My heart it feels the strongest;
Trapped in a so-called paradise I'm getting high off all my sins Watching the world as it tumbles over A loss for every win 
As I drive along the back roads, I come upon a dirt home next to an open fence for my truck to rest.
Rest In Peace (RIP) is a term for the deceased that I will no longer useNow I know at first the way this sounds may leave you confusedBut If you knew Jesus then you truly have nothing to loose. 
Come,  take a stroll with me. To a land between reality where life is full of surprises, and nothing is what it seems.    Where the colors of the sunset blend into the waves of the sand,
Welcome! To where the grass is greener, the air is smother and the wine is richer
Beside the wood-framed doorways of Paradise lay what we have left behind, for our gatekeeper is ever vigilant, sorting soul from chaff, "You cannot take it with you." -
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