self empowerment

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  It was a Friday morning people were happy all was well. You sat there, interacting with your friends I wanted  to say hi yet All I thought was nevermind  A word to the wise, life comes easy with a helping hand. So tell me your fears and I'll mak
Biting wind makes music against my skin in the way my mother used to trace her fingers across my cheeks. The place where I stand on my own two feet, brought higher from the solitude,
I've let my emotions run free  in more ways than one but the one that truly let them breathe,  was letting these words spill onto a page in scribbly handwriting and finding a way to say the truth 
One step, two step Lets walk softly Don't let them know we're here Not until you're ready My friends, my brothers and sisters Make your way t me at the center of your heart Take up your arms
 Hurricane Me  I am not the girl you shattered like a bottle against the floor & I will not bite my tongue any more.I will roar louder than the thunder in the sky & I will roar louder than you, you stupid guy.I am
These mountains carve deep and break the surface of my skin Press down on my fragile veins They burst with ease and suddenly I am free.   A spectrum streams from my body My skin begins to breathe
Tucked away, hidden. Secluded in the darkness. Wearing the silence like the skin that covers my body. Hardened like an icy glacier. I was the night. I was broken.
I am my variation of being, solidifies my vessel:  breaking boundaries of self indulgence. Fixating on false beliefs. Trapped within words never spoken, but so clearly understood.
I left because of you. There I said it. I told you it was me and that the creaking trees spoke to me in voices louder than whispers. But it was you. I pined and groveled at your feet as if you held them to the ground,
I will not apologize for being myself. I will not bow down to those who deem themselves superior. I will not wear makeup. I will not be rich. I will not pretend to be. I will not tell lies. I will not give away secrets. I will not gossip.
A balloon is filled with air and so is my head Or so it would seem A brick is filled with cement and so is my heart  Or so it would seem A fire is dressed with flames and so is my soul
I'm not a "girl" That's not my label
If changing who I amWas as easily accomplished as changing the sheets
Does my belief offend thee?
It has been engraved into my brain,carved onto the tips of my nails,sewn into the seams of the clothes that I wearthat I am the future and I crave for change because I am the heart of a revolution.
I ache for love and trust; to be able to see the beauty in everything around me, to be true to myself.
The last time I even tried to do this, i didn't finish the story I intended to share. Though it seems to be a little less than a year ago, it felt like centuries. I mean everything is just so different.
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