Write for Clarity

The last time I even tried to do this, i didn't finish the story I intended to share.

Though it seems to be a little less than a year ago, it felt like centuries.

I mean everything is just so different.

Constant changes and obstacles have shaped and truly formed me to I am to be.

To know exactly who you are seems close to the impossible,

but its what we're all doing.


The constant heart break hardens our shell.

Love is nothing but a dream we expierence night and day.

So easliy fooled by a smile and talk.

So vulnarable as woman in search of compasson.

I hate it.


As of now I dont want to talk about all that has happened to me since the last time.

Putting a guck of nostalgic feelings in my stomach.

For now I want to start form where I am today. 

Who I am now isn't who I will be for the rest of my life

-but it's a good start.


I am strong, smart, mature etc. etc.

I'm everything I want to be, all that I need to be.

I don't need anyone to tell me I'm great,

Because self love is the best love.

Not like vanity but respect for who you are becoming.

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