I'm Not a "Girl"

I'm not a "girl"

That's not my label

I'm my own label

I'm an antilogy

Go look it up

It's got everything to do with me

More than these premade labels you can Google on your phone

I'm a contradiction

Go get educated


I'm tiny on the outside

Vast from within

I'm determined and passionate

But I've got no time for nonsense

I'm logical

But make everything difficult

I've got big galaxy eyes

That see through the crap the world throws at me

I've got sharp elbows to jab at the people who tell me I can't


My sharp tongue keeps the bullies at bay

Like elephants, they flee from the tiniest mouse

Their useless insults buzz right past my ears

I've got this feature

It's called an imbecile blocker

I don't have any time for their words

Good thing I got this installed

It's made life so much easier

Who wants extra drama anyway?


I've got teeth and claws

To help me climb mountains

The kind that lead to a job and good future

Wheels won't take you up a steep hill

Stick arms are better to propel than rubber

Calloused artist's hands deflect sharp rocks

Strong nails dig into dirt without hesitation

The clay perfectly at home beneath them

Dirty hands are a sign of creativity and hard work


I've got cuts and bruises

More battle scars than the average teenager

I barely feel it when the Exacto-knife slices skin

So what if I bleed,

So long as it doesn't stain the paper

The wound will heal

The paper will turn brown

The red doesn't stain my pale skin

Days without seeing the sun makes no difference


I can run up four flights of stairs

Art supplies heaped onto my shoulders and back

Two times my weight doesn't keep me from bounding up each step

My knees bends and pop and I keep pushing

Just another hill to climb

Printmaking is just up ahead and I've got metal plates to grind

And woodblocks to print

No time to rest and take a breather

Who needs to breathe? Not me


Sewing needles everywhere

Pins piercing my sides

No tear escapes my eyes

I'm a hardened living dress form

Because stores don't make real ones in my size

My ribs serve as armor

Each one that protrudes from my skinny torso

My small frame requires little fabric to be fully clothed

Just one yard will suffice


Weeks and weeks of little to no sleep

I am an artist who only need inspiration, motivation and a creative mind

I am not a "girl"

I am a determined, passionate worker

Who creates beautiful things with my hands

I'm am not just tiny

I'm a surprising package with big things hiding inside

I've got big plans, big goals, and big ideas

And there's nothing that can hold me back






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