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Dear Great Aunt, not to be forgotten,  detecting the memories  yet not able to find the remedies.   powerful. shadowing your steps, as you left   feeling empty, 
Me I am me Me is I I cannot be Without me. Being me is no lie I remain I No y o or u
I will always care, I will do it all staying true, cause I love you.
A wise mentality is the best strategy
Look around ladies, and tell me what you seeSociety's telling us all how to act, look, and who to beBeyoncé said it best when she woke up without a flaw,Now raise up with pure confidence, make the doubters stand in awe.
If one actually pays attention you'll realize the bigger picture, take notes decipher the facts from the theories.
What do you see in the mirror? “Too skinny”, “Too fat”, “An ugly body”. Well try to see through the eyes of another, Who can only see beauty and personality. Do not let society change the way you see yourself.
I could tell you who I am  but do you have the time I could go on for hours  telling you who I am My love can not be bought or sold It can only be given freely to whom I choose
Breathe In Breathe Out Step onto the scale Close your eyes Close your fists You will not fail Take a peek Take it in But don't you cry You're perfect You're beautiful
)You know its kinda funny. I always hear “in a near death experience, your whole life flashes before your eyes” That shit didn’t happen to me.
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