The Color of Blood

A warm sunny day is the coldest day of the year

I look at this heart in my hands and remember the day we were told

I should have said yes to the cold and sorrow as many will show us tomorrow.

It was not my fault, his eyes were brown and borrowed. 

I hid my face and pretended to not know,

the color of blood ran down his temple to his jaw as he sat staring at me.

A sunny day, golden sky, and red clouds

The color of blood came to me in repulsive unnerving thoughts

What could I do?

His mouth grew feral with a smile as he told me the story of the girl who hid once in a while.

My heart denied the color of blood

I was there, I could not lie.

As the man who had told me the story sat waiting

I stole a glance at his eyes once more,

His eyes were now red and brown. 

The color of blood chases me,

A river of blood is my war.

I tell you of this man, for if you see him,

tell him,

I do not hide anymore.

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