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I believe that I could, so I did,Achievement never felt so good,Secession never felt so great,Don't procrastinate,Rejuvenate,Never anticipate,Just relate,Success. 
You think you are cool when you are in high school. Drifting like a raft, unconscious of the life ahead; That’s what fills you with dread. But as the rolling waters slow, You know you must go.
Every spark has a dreamTo become a fire,Success is the result ofIncessant hard work and perspire,What does it matter that-Embers are down the dust,Just a one wind blow,Spark will no more be-
On a stroll along the endless shore By the tumbling tides that roar With the golden sun sparkling at day And silver moon shining over the bay Enduring the scorching pebbles and sand
The land of opportunity where all can rise beyond no class, no division freedom and prosperity at will.   Work hard reach for the stars taste ambition dream of "success".  
Sucess is college Sucess is money Sucess is living large Sucess is reality Really sucess is where you are
Everything is Awesome Why, because I’m crazy So while I’m outside walking through the storm Others are tucked away in comfort; lazy
The air is thin   I could suffocate    I am alone    Rushing through the fog   I ascend    A light   
Just one job may change my life
Sometimes we want what others haveSometimes what we have isn't good enoughWe think of ourselves as inadequate beingsBecause we had less opportunity more hard workWe  hope and pray that success comes our way
Success is defined by most people as a journey.
Here I am in this seat once again Geometry, Chemistry, all of it, in my head My life is headed in no direction I feel as though school is just a distraction What will I learn at the end of the day
im living in a world full of hate and i cant find a way to escape i have a mind full of evil thoughts that i can never seem to shake vengence was always on my mind when i was back in my prime
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