The Nile of Life

You think you are cool

when you are in high school.

Drifting like a raft,

unconscious of the life ahead;

That’s what fills you with dread.

But as the rolling waters slow,

You know you must go.

Off a waterfall into the unknown,

where you know you are not alone.


Though your path and mine may differ,

We both follow the same river.

A river of rapids no less,  

When times of stress turn to duress,

And all one can do is guess.

But the right answer is not on any test,

For success is what comes next.


From time to time the rapids will pass,

and smooth, calm water will flow in your path.

But this is not the time to lay down and rest,

For the fight is hardest when you are undressed.

So, dress to fight and fight to win.

Rest will only come when you give in.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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