Sun, 05/07/2017 - 15:07 -- rmdonka

The land of opportunity

where all can rise beyond

no class, no division

freedom and prosperity at will.


Work hard

reach for the stars

taste ambition

dream of "success".


Monetary security

power, influence, respect

suits and ties for all

polish and control.


"Sucess" defined so narrowly

status and wealth the dream

rising as high as possible

ignoring the means to get there.


Stepping on those below

breaking backs

ignoring pain

to achieve the dream


Strangled by suits and ties

blind to the hungry

hatred for the homeless

disgust for the dirty.


"Success" is for all

the poor are lazy

paying the price

of their own failure.


The land of opporunity

ignores poverty

is bland to suffering

judges the struggling.


Where all can rise beyond

by stepping on the lesser

lesser sinking lower

trapped by other's "success".


No class, no division

unless you fall behind

those who fall behind

stay trapped at the bottom.


Freedom and prosperity

illusory for many

the land of opportunity

an empty lie for most.



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My country


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