On a stroll along the endless shore
By the tumbling tides that roar
With the golden sun sparkling at day
And silver moon shining over the bay
Enduring the scorching pebbles and sand
Warping to the freezing nights I stand
To lumber along with aplomb and conceit
Of the glowing trail of my marching feet
That vanquish one's every tint of doubt
with a reply of a strong clout
But no sign of destiny all around at sight
And my waning mettle and might
I pause a while to turn and retrospect
At my staggered glowing trail prospect
Only to find them dozed and fazed
By the marauding tides that brazed
Laughing to myself at my futile dogma
I resume along to unravel the enigma
Until my feet no longer stride and sprint
To allude the world with a little hint
Lo!Here rests the one in peace
with open arms and empty sleeves
Who conquered none he believes
But left a trail for the world to see
To cherish and resume his legacy
accepts all with no ruffle and rife
In his little sojourn called life

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Our world
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