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It has blue, purple, and green. Paint thick on the canvas  
Liquid liner,Dipped in plastic. Glossy shiner. Perfection is drastic.
Seasons are changing So we’re not changing Certainly limited in mortality Crazy trade-off.   I’m not going to write you a traditional poem
Beep Beep Beep In the dark I fumble for my phone, and there is silence. The day has not started and I am already done. Opening my eyes I swing my legs over the edge of my bed,
We allow society to make us into something we are not. It's popularity the way of achieving this idiotic tragic.
If you cry every night because of the memories of yesterday Think in the present and figure out how you could of fixed the mistakes of the past So in the future you don't have to suffer the same mistakes of yesterday
The beat of my drum does not match yours my soul, my self, is only the best of the good lord I walk in his steps to guide light on my path without him I'm no one, I'm just hash
Society has this picture, a picture thats perfect. Some are blessed with it, even though they dont deserve it. Sometimes I wonder how did I miss the drawing, its probably because im too busy in the background ooo-ing & aww-ing.
They always has an opinion formulating what's wrong or right They utter words that damage hearts destroy dreams and alter lives
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