Make A Stand And Break Away







Tear all those barriers down

What are you left with?

Would anyone have a clue?

Is there any substance behind the facade?

Would anyone know that it’s even you?


It’s all too common to become a product

A product of society's assembly line

But to embrace your individuality

And to strip of your tendency to hold back

Would empower you to own your unique mentality


You’ll be called improper

You’ll appear unconventional

Because everyone is forced to think the same way

But do you have the audacity to make a stand?

Do you have the courage to break away?


Now is your chance to think for yourself

Gather all the information and formulate an opinion

A powerful person isn’t someone who will just conform

But someone who takes their future in their own hands

Embraces life instead of choosing to be fake and perform


When all that’s holding you back is ripped away

When you take that first step out from your comfort zone

It won’t be immediate success and maybe not bliss

It’s a struggle to break such a mold

But guaranteed, you’ll be left like this






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