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It's suffocating me Each brief Poisonous word that comes out her mouth is like a dagger plunged into my heart
When I look in the mirror at myself I see deeper than what's my image on the surface, When I look in my reflection I am the rain and the sun nothing that can be easily undone, Most see sunshine and a halo in my reflection because I can do nothing
When I read this and when you do too, you will think... How can I be so stupid to not be able to control this feeling
As the clouds move As the water flows Where the air travels Is where my problems should go Live a stress free life Living with no regret or worry Living life freely Fixing problems with sorry
Chewing nails over broken wishbones. Wrapping your reflexes around the pills you couldnt swallow. Discovering how little we rely on ourselfs.
My last dream was a dream about you. When I close my eyes all I can see feel and hear is you In this dream noeven the sun pating day could braketelog conversation or bodies share We were two souls embedded into one
A slave to my own feelings
It comes and goes, The love it goes. Each time it blows. The pain it sneaks, And claims its crown. The pain shows new, the feelings true. The love it falls, Behind closed walls. I can't take the pain. I'm about to go insane.
No one see the sadness in one's eye.
Feels like I'm going crazy  Can't let these thoughts take control over me Wanting a drink  Or a sense of pain I tell myself I need it  It started to become a daily routine  Happening for years
People ask, and say, and do But who may I, ask are you? I am a girl, who thought she was smart But was duller than a broken dart. I am emotionless they say Night by night, and day by day.
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