Old addiction in the past


Feels like I'm going crazy 

Can't let these thoughts take control over me

Wanting a drink 

Or a sense of pain

I tell myself I need it 

It started to become a daily routine 

Happening for years

To just all of sudden stop 

I feel like it's impossible 

But is it really?

No, I can do it 

Yet there that little bit of me

That just wants those old habits back

Just one drink won't do any harm

But it will

Soon it'll end up being ten drinks

Then wanting a cut, bruise or a burnt mark 

I need it 

Used to the pain

I love it

Can't get enough

But I look back 

Look at the scars on my wrist, shoulders and hands

It's who I used to be 

And I'm not going back

I'm done with the old me

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This poem is really powerful

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