Don't let her know it's killing me.

It's suffocating me

Each brief

Poisonous word that comes out her mouth

is like a dagger plunged into my heart

"I'll be fine" states my quivering face when she lets go 

When she lets my dreams fall

whispering, "It's too late for that"


I don't care

I don't want to care anymore

I stop the screaming

everpresent cries in my head.

Quit fighting

Only to lay defeated in the dark corner of my mind where our memories flood my brain

As the tears encaged behind my eyes tempt to fall

like a fresh wound,

it's slowly killing me

And i let it go

One drop

Two, three

My own feelings

My own love opposing me

was like a fire burning

Every memory that had once made me smile

Become ashes

It feels like

Pearls of blood dripping down my cheeks

It burns

Clenched throat

As I stagger to get back up

One breath

A thousand knives

Intoxicating my soul

This choking

Burning pain will never leave

What's broken inside me

Leaves an eternal scar

“Are you ok?” they ask


I'm ok

she thinks I'm strong like that.


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