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You think you are out there all alone, you are not meant to be alone. Your heart is not made of stone, but your will is that of stone. The voices inside on and on they drone, but you are alive and not a drone.
A beautiful bird Shows off her ideal look It cloaks true beauty
Dear onlooking eyes,   We’re all thorns One speculated look Will prick another   One judgement can imprison another mind Poison begins to seap It could slowly take over  
Girlfriend, Dear girlfriend, Your inner star shines brightly! Deep beauty is great.
Look Why How     Look at life Look at the women who gets Criticized for breastfeeding in public   Look Why How   Why
she came she saw she took what she needed with soft hands by her touch   she then approached him he came again she called him in she wanted
Girl : Why can't I have this job? Boss : I don't like your hair, I said, it is too red.   Girl : Is that a problem? Boss : It is not normal, you should come more formal.  
Three months. That's how long I wore makeup in eighth grade- How long I tried to fit ubiquitous standards. Solutions for fear of inadequacy:
My hair is thinning My skin is almost pale My life is nothing like a fairytale I am of the average height Contacts help me see what's in sight I look for depth in everyone
The life of a young woman is boundless and untamed There is no way of telling where she will go next or who she will become The crazy twirl that destincts Who she is   The girl I was years ago is gone
“You walk funny.” These words have plagued my school experience. No one knows the reason behind this walk, They don’t know that my muscles don’t work and I’m slower than the rest
They say that beauty
So deep, so deep. Sarcasm is my towel.
Maybe I’m just too deep.
Can you believe it? Neither can I. Those girls that are called ugly,dirty, stupid Who cry Replace their breasts, inject their lips Nip, tuck their thighs? Can you believe it? Neither can I.
I feel so alone. Like if I leave this earth, no one will notice. Or maybe even care.
Fat Girl in the buffet line,Fills half of her plat
The only beauty seen Is on the outside In highschools around the world This creates drama and insecurity It is faithfully unannounced and Even though we know that Beauty comes from the inside
Mirrors, ©2013   sometimes I get a glimpse in a shard of glass a corner of sight as I walk past hello, girl, I can see how someone might be attracted to you.   sometimes
Nobody knows the definition of beauty anymore.
     What is Beauty? Is it what your face holds Or is it skin deep within our soul. In our society Being Thin is in Lighter Skin and other countless things. What happens to the other girls
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