Nobody knows the definition of beauty anymore.

The concept has been distorted beyond recognition
its state attainable
like a drug prescription.
Persons assigned priority and lofty positions
based upon the contour of the cheeks
cheeks, cheeks, cheeks
but every 52 weeks
a new line creeps
on the very face who states
beauty cannot hold such divisions.

Noses and collarbones
supersede character and dignity
the currency for personhood
inflated to infinity.
Sure, don’t judge a book by its cover
but judge it by its curves
the texture of the page
and if it stimulates the nerves.

And for those who don’t fit into society’s mold:
go under the knife or stay out in the cold
redefine life, chase this fool's gold
Make sure to give pity to those with cataracts,
for now
beauty is an experience they’ll always lack.

Beauty has an age limit and demographic, don’t you know?
It’s like playing king of the hill in February’s snow
a brutal war that only leaves a few standing
marked with tears of rejection by those branding.

Beauty is.
Beauty is.
Beauty is … not, it is no more!
It never existed and it never will be!
For it did, it would be eternal, not these fleeting fantasies!
It would be seen and felt
heard and tasted
lines could never erase that which the Creator created.
No, no. What I see cannot be it.
Go a centimeter past the dust to find a creature to abhor
nobody knows the definition of beauty anymore


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