I Am Who I Am

Girl : Why can't I have this job?

Boss : I don't like your hair, I said,

it is too red.


Girl : Is that a problem?

Boss : It is not normal,

you should come more formal.


Girl : Ok, what else should I change?

Boss : Your jeans, they are torn,

your shoes look too worn.


Boss : Also lady,

cover up that dragon tattoo,

It looks so taboo.


Boss : That ring in your nose,

take it off,

it is a great cause to scoff.


Boss : What is that stuff on your lips?

Gosh, is that black lipstick?

You young punks make me sick.


Boss : And let me see,

that piercing on your brow?

Gee, what is with the younger generation now?


Girl : Sir, thanks for your time,

but I will leave now.

I came here for a job,

I thought I would be judged by my character,

by my qualifications.

But all you've done was hurl insults at me,

and complain about my hair and clothes.

I am not a criminal,

I try hard in school,

I don't get into trouble and I have good friends.

I want to go to college and study philosophy,

I am honest and will work hard,

I have respect for others,

but I also have respect for myself,

and I refuse to be put down,

or judged by those who don't even know me.

Looks don't matter, what's on the inside counts.

And I can clearly see what's inside you, sir.



This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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