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A riot is the language of the unheard The unheard wants justice Law making is the language of the ruthless The ruthless cannot be trusted   Our government is very corrupt 
Everyday I wish.  Everyday I wish that I believe. Everyday I wish that I believe America is great. Everyday I wish that I believe America is great enough to want.
somewhere hidden behind closed doors. somewhere in the midst of reality, there lies deceptions and propaganda to sway the mimds of the young the poor and the weak.
1893, they overthrew the queen. Stole the kingdom, and killed her dream. A dream that her people were safe, that they will not suffer. That dream is no longer.  
Star-spangled eyes,  Firework filled skies, I grew up with the government And all of it's lies.   I grew up with family, Leaving for war, What is there to learn from war?
The last light of day has drowned And day the night has slain Darkness ever yet holds its ground Though rebellious stars abound It protects by force its reign The last light of day has drowned
I lie, I steal, I cheat, I corrupt I don't listen, I don't glisten, I fight, I argue, I whine, I pout, I don't agree, I don't plea, My colleagues and I, are all incompetent,
A uncontrollable chaotic madness We feed from its miserable emptyness What do we gain? Another day of wishing death upon death   Dreaded voices of pious cretins Talking about peace
The world has gone indifferent You can taste it in their kiss Once so beautiful; exquisite Now cares not for loneliness Democracy became capitalist, lady liberty dictates
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