Pompous Circumstances


The world has gone indifferent

You can taste it in their kiss

Once so beautiful; exquisite

Now cares not for loneliness

Democracy became capitalist, lady liberty dictates

Opportunity one opened now she locks windows, bars the gates

These pompous circumstances of killing off finances


The government's indifferent

Like strings of fate they snip away

Cutting college aid and getting paid

In futures bleak and gray

Protests, marches, speeches, and lets not forget Occupy

But lost in words of misdirection

Have a falling out when they run dry

These pompous circumstances

Just ruining our chances


The people are indiffernt

The live and die by fear

Indifferent smile across the aisle

You'd be "home by now" if you were here

Judgement takes root in media

With all its lavish implication

Social darwanism album on repeat

"Save yourself and screw the nation"

These pompous circumstances

And the plague it all enhances


Truths self evident is indifferent

The rights are pick and choose

Free speech comes enclosed with censorship

The voice you can be sure to lose

Basic humanistic priniciples, written legislative dissmisals

In pompous circumstances

Given a politicians chances



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