I Have A Dream

somewhere hidden behind closed doors. somewhere in the midst of reality, there lies deceptions and propaganda to sway the mimds of the young the poor and the weak. It does not come from the criminals we lock away; it does not come from the ones we most expect the most- the one we shy from or are scared to speak of- it comes from the ones we trust the most, the one we look up to as they spread their lies, using mass media to pervert the young mind into believing what they do is just. My dream is to exploit the corruption in our society the injustice in our justice system the injustice in our political system economic system. My dream is for everyone to look at their world with their third eye; the eye that sees from the brains. I have a dream that when someone in high power does something wrong they will be prosecuted accordingly. I have a dream that when new props and laws are passed they will serve every social, economic class, every race or sexuality, every gender. I have a dream to make america better than it has every been before.

This poem is about: 
My country


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