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She, is a girl. With the prettiest face,  The curliest hair,  The shiniest skin,  The carefree persona   She is a Queen.
Every girl wants to love and be loved He loves me 
Lets start on how I'm so in love How you have me in a trans, how you got me so sprung...
  Inside a world of chaos She sat on the stairs. Searching through the memories, She tried to make pairs.   Happy? Sad? Or was it both all at once? Like a heist,
I sit here; you sit there I try to avoid your sidelong stare Your hands are twitching by your side I ignore the nerves you try to hide   This is why I don't go out on dates
Most desired commodity,i see love, i hear love, numb to the touch, have yet to feel it
Can it be true?  Is this real?  What if it's not? What if it is?  How will I know? The alarm finally rang, because it's Once Upon A Time, to get up and see what's going on.  It can't be true.
Let's go back to when we were new, We didn't say love, But our hearts they flew, We used to have everything, Some say we still do, Should we repair, Or leave it in the rear view,
My mind tormented and briefly captured …  Caught in this “one day it’ll happen thought …  Chasing pavements so frequently consistently I run out of breath,  I think to myself ‘where is my place?’
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