A Tormented Mind

Wed, 06/26/2013 - 17:05 -- Tikel


Pine Bluff, Arkansas
United States

My mind tormented and briefly captured …

 Caught in this “one day it’ll happen thought …

 Chasing pavements so frequently consistently I run out of breath,

 I think to myself ‘where is my place?’

 will I ever look my love in the face? 


Will my heart keep this pace or will this lack of patience

I contain be the cause of a deep crate resulting in an in depth

 hole of hopelessness and an angry soul …

Eyes  that only see red and feet damaged from cold pavements

that failed to lead me home but surely left me cold.


A mind accustomed to lies and deception a heart full of

desperation to look my love in the eyes. I throw my hands to

the skies, the words I speak are not lies, and can’t you see my

honesty? ,… I wear no disguise.


Sharp needles of pain being aimed and shot seeping hate

into my blood stream, penetrating my heart and ripping my soul...

should I give up? No, I keep fighting with an arm extended and

one knee to the ground.


My battle is not over though my mind frowns. Tomorrow I will

wear all black because joy is what I lack.  Tomorrow you will

wear all black because you are the thief who has stolen my mind,

 my body, my soul… Please let it go. Please just let it free.


Allow my vocals to laugh... allow my lungs to breath. 

What does happiness mean? Could you teach me please?

what is life without breath?  Tears greeting

my cheek, pureness held in the words I speak. Right there …

so close but I fear I will never reach...



This is a original poem I wrote. If anyone would like to know the message or background behind my poetic peace feel free to comment and i will explain.Enjoy!!  :)

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