From loner to wanted,

God it all happened so quick!

The boy you once avoided,

Was now always on your mind.


Friend or like a brother,

Or was he more?It ate her up,


Until he was no more.


In the blink on an eye he was infront of her.

Before she could put on her glasses,

He just couldnt be there anymore.


Did he need space?

Or was he just getting bored?

Something's she just couldn't figure out,

So she darted her and there.


Help she asked for,

From anyone he knew,

"That's just how he is"

But she did not accept this as the truth.


Was he scared of the feeling of rejection?

He was no stranger to that.

But this girl longed for him-why coudnt he see that?

 Too blinded by his ego,


He let her go,

Putting her through what he knew so well. 


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