She, is a girl.

With the prettiest face, 

The curliest hair, 

The shiniest skin, 

The carefree persona


She is a Queen.

She wants the world at her feet & to buy the dream that's been sold to her by society: 

Thin waist, long straightened hair, and a boy to call her own,  

It`s been programmed into her head since she was young 


She searches for fulfillment in all of the wrong places 

for all of the right reasons  

in all of the wrong people..


She just wants to be accepted  

Looking for love, but only attracts lust 


She opens herself up in the most vulnerable way 

With every thrust, her dignity shatters 

He sucks the common sense out of her like a vacuum  

Her innocence is stolen, 

Penetration is powerful 

His knowledge of her inner-self is the weapon constantly formed against her value 


She is now a slave, 

His slave. 

At the expense of her emotions, he lies, cheats, and betrays. 


She forgives his mistakes, because "everyone makes mistakes, right?”  

And “everyone deserves a second chance" 

But there is no such thing as making the same mistake twice 

And he is aware of that

He claims to love her, but it is impossible to love someone that you continuously hurt.. 

He knows that she will not leave him,  

no matter what he puts her through 


She knows, deep down, that she deserves better

but the thought of being alone is so unsettling.. 



After everything turns into flames, 

The only thing that remains 

Is hurt.

A hurt so blinding.

This poem is about: 
My community


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