Too Bipolar to Leave Him

Lets start on how I'm so in love

How you have me in a trans, how you got me so sprung...

And no I'm not a rapper I'm just feeling rather dapper

Sort of moody so I'd rather just write it all down


Listen here, I love you don't get it twisted

Something you do just has me so addicted

But that's the issue...

I've never been one to be so clingy

Despise yearning for love

I hate feeling needy...

And the worst is that I don't receive it all back

No attachment or random kisses, NO, none of that!

And I hate it!

Wish I had it!

But I keep in on the low

It's the other half of me that I'd rather you not know


Your texts are so plain, so emotionless, so dull

Compare your texts to I hate that bull!

Oh look who texted me..

Ex 1 and Ex 2

I know you hate it but guess what...

They're sweeter than you!

They hit my line

I don't hit back

But I doubt you believe that

You've got trust issues, I get it...

But cut me some slack!


I love you so damn much why would I want to mess that up

I take my promise ring seriously...

But I guess that's not enough

Like what, am I not good enough?

You say you have good games with the ladies

Well then go find yourself another one!


No, I don't mean that!

Just frustrated and rather sad....

But then I think about it and in the end...

And I'm just so lucky to be able to call you my man.


I truly do love/hate you. 






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