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Hundreds of languages, Millions of words Split into averages, broken into thirds And yet not one, or even all Can describe the meaning, the feeling of love
Knowledge is the fruit of life. The work used in planting, represents the work used to learn While the sweet nectar inside is the power to protect against strife.
BOOM!  The moment you've been waiting for, maybe not but whether you're ready you must show what you got do what you can while your fingers are hot truth is, you know a whole lot
The Beauty of White Sweet, little baby girlFrom white to white to whiteSafely in her mother's wombThe darling sleeps tonight
You've gone away. Never to return to me. But why is it that everywhere I go, Everywhere I look its your face I see?  Grandma, did you really have to leave? Then I was only a Freshman,
  It seems we've come so far with the hands of time An arm's length from World Wart 2 to civil rights We are standing taller for equality But not reaching our potential height
Do you really expect to get the love of your life? When you don't respect yourself, You post half nude pics, and say “I give bomb head,” and yet You dare to expect respect
My intentions are good But I stay in the same place And worry too much for tomorrow   Or what my next meal will contain Instead of playing it by minute   I'll work on taking chances
Never take a backseat Because you have a smile Along with a heartbeat To me, you're worth it   I could be your muse Or in the right world (Something I could use) You would be mine
There will be spikes, black cats and booby traps Whispers and secrets and lies   There will be liars, decievers, and non-believers Who won't look you in the eyes  
Just another face in the hall, another body in the crowd, another paper to grade, another desk filled, another SAT score, another application to read, just another person in the world,
So I sat there, Staring at what looks to be the most blankest page I've ever seen The awkward moment when you have nothing to write about - know what I mean? When your mind goes blank and your brain just farted
Windows shatter glass flies everywhere - They have arrived. The zombies climb through the window glass shards carving bloodless scratches and I, only too aware of the blood pumping through my veins
When you ask someone how it feels to be in loveHow the idea came to be and gave birth in their mind In the light of their presenceIn front of the person they spent their days with
Monsters By: Ana Aguilar   My mom tucks me in and gives me a few kisses “Sweet dreams, Honey,” she wishes Then she turns out my light No bugs will bite tonight  
Golden amber drips over the supple rising of skin Made crisp by the summer’s sun, droplets catch in the curves of her lashes “Never” floats through the breeze
“America”, an unspoken word, appeared like a shadow, only existed on the lips of foreigners. “America” smelled of ashes as the whisper floated from my parents room,  and the ghostly figure shrouded
  my earliest memory of you was back in India, when I visited your house for the first time since we left the country
The sun and the Earthboth complete oppositesyet needing each other.As gravity pulls them aparteveryday, struggling to betogether againAnd everyday, the Sun will come to kiss the Earth
Dear Sons and daughters, Do you know that I love you? I know that john 3; 16 says that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.
The power laden mind of State is clad in fear. The people of the State mean not to intimidate, But to declare the opportune moment to rise And seize education on the forefront.
Time flies by and it’s still the same,So many victims and everyone’s to blame. Red, white, blue, yellow, gold, and black;A melting pot of colors and it’s ready to crack. Common as a cold,It’s careless and bold.
College What a wonderful place College Ain't no easy phase You have to pay for days on days There's a problem you see That's not just for me How do we pay it? I'm not the first to say it
What did you do for me? How dare you suggest, that I be the best, when you never did anything for me Hug and Kisses, no! Always touched, but never close Never agreed with my individuality
  Dear Sin, You beat me down with your temptation Kill me with my fascination Tell me I don't need salvation Your lies have become my fixation Everything you say is utter fabrication
The planets are elusive to such things as I. Magnanimous majesties Named after deities, How could they have time for me? Gliding all over the place, draped within space
You know it's been so long since your depart,It hurts so much to know that you're not here,And I need you here with me to keep me from falling apart,But you're not here and it feels as though I am about to disappear,
I know I said that there is nothing else to know about me, But there is something you need to know, Just one little thing, Let me start by saying:   I know I love you, And that you love me,
I am finished. This has gone on for far too long. Trying to fit into your box of expectations had been my only goal since childhood. I see now that your expectations are not me. I won't let you define my life.
Faith... Grace... Mercy... Salvation... Redemption... I am told that I have these things. I am told that these things are given. Free. Free of charge to me.
See you are the type of girl who wants everything handed to you You want diamond rings, foreign cars and clothes made by designers who's names you can't even pronounce
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