Grandma Ann

Tue, 10/01/2013 - 11:46 -- krae.97


You've gone away.

Never to return to me.

But why is it that everywhere I go,

Everywhere I look its your face I see? 

Grandma, did you really have to leave?

Then I was only a Freshman,

How fast time goes by.

Only now I wish I didn't take it for granted.

Oh, what I'd do

Just to go back and spend time with you.

Growing up is hard. Especially since you're no longer around. 

I wish I could tell you about everything that's happening. 

I wish you could come to my graduation.

At first the pain was hard,

Almost unbearable.

But now it gives me great comfort.

Because I know that somwhere in heaven,

You've found peace.

Now I know you're my guardian angel,

And you're watching over me.



I wrote this poem for my great-grandma. She passed away in November of 2011. This October, my family will be traveling to California to place her ashes next to my great-grandpa's grave. I won't be able to attend the service, so I've written this poem as a way for me to be there.

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