By: Ana Aguilar


My mom tucks me in and gives me a few kisses

“Sweet dreams, Honey,” she wishes

Then she turns out my light

No bugs will bite tonight


She forgot to look under the bed

And my closet is ominously straight ahead

I pull up my covers and close my eyes

Waiting, shaking for my own demise


Heart racing, I’m fretting

My blankets feel like netting

Then I freeze: I hear it

I wish my night light was lit


The closet door opens and two red eyes look out

I know what’s coming next: I have no doubt

The monster is huge:  tall, dark and scary

Its maw full of razors mouths my name: Mary


It drags itself over to me, very slowly

I feel so very small and lowly

The thing smells of death

I take in what I know is my last breath


All of a sudden, I wake up, screaming

Oh, thank Heavens! I was only dreaming!

I exhale and sigh: it was all in my head!

But wait, what’s that scratching coming from under my bed?





Diamond 96

I think that this is a well written work.. Keep up with your rhyme scheme and tone.. You had me hooked with the first lines... 


I agree..................


I loved that. Amazingly well written and cool.


I loved it, too!!!


Your poem is well-written and understandable when I read it, GREAT JOB Ana

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