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Rain drops earth at a steady stop Clouds of depression cover her heaven Faces of shame Share the blame Heaven doesn't ring it's bells An angel is expelled A silent cry for help
when i was about to suicide when i was about to kill myself you stayed around me so i'd  stopped feeling worthless-myself.   do you know what you'd said? you said that i matter.
I haven't seen that beautiful smile In quite awhile It's almost been a year since you left I still have some pictures of you But it's not the same   I want to see in the flesh
He smiled and laughed from time to time. He seemed fine but pain ate him up inside. He was so quiet but his blue eyes were loud, pleading. But no one ever listened.   He was someone’s student.
A smile whispers upon your lipsA rare sight I can only glimpseHolding fast to days gone byI feel it all beginning to dieNo more shall I feel your kissOr look into eyes filled with bliss
The tears were streaming down my face, happy thoughts I could not retrace.  I stare up at my computer screen, social media can be so mean.  I type my goodbyes
Enough is enough you tell yourself. You wish you had a sense of stealth. You wish to leave this frail life Even if it’s with a knife.
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