when i was about to suicide

when i was about to suicide

when i was about to kill myself

you stayed around me so i'd 

stopped feeling worthless-myself.


do you know what you'd said?

you said that i matter.

and when i was running sad

this made me feel better.


(i was thinking of committing suicide when i wrote this poem to one of my classmates. she always stayed around me because she felt like something was really wrong with me though i haven't done anything to make it seem like that. thanks to her i decided that i didnt want to die.

suicidal people need people like her around them, that's my point. tell us that we matter if you want to do something good. thanks to anybody who bothered to read till the end)

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I love this poem, I don't know what you feel, but I love this because it reminds the world that we exist. There is an important role that you have played by writing this poem, so thank you.

Ashley D

Thank you for your beautiful comment

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