One Last Week Left In May


United States
39° 52' 38.8308" N, 105° 2' 17.5488" W

Enough is enough you tell yourself.
You wish you had a sense of stealth.
You wish to leave this frail life
Even if it’s with a knife.

No one hears your ragged screams
I guess it’s just as bad as it seems.
You look at yourself in the mirror
And see that one long lost tear.

You wipe it away trying to hide
As if it could erase all that you lied.
Regret is all bittersweet
For now you’re dying in the heat.

You plan ahead to the day
To that one last week in May.
You thought your signs were good enough
That you showed them nothing tough.

You took your life at the end
But nothing ever seemed to bend.
They saw your locker in the hall
And wish they had just given a call.

You tried to stay strong for your mom
but you decided to become a bomb.
It plays every night in their dreams
To make them replay everything.

They could have helped you that one day
That one last week left in May.


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