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We Got locked that dayIn top floor of our coachingDispersed late after 8On that busy Thursday evening
Why am I here I am behind a computer screen when I can be out exploring  I want to travel the world Climb Mount Everest Swim between the Canyons in the sweet light blue water 
What an adventure it is When you face the world alone You tend to have a big dance with life You may need to work your fingers to the bone Many challenges you will take on Some that will cloud your day
And then magically, I was staring in the face of my 14 year old self.A face filled with joy and passion and promises of love.And a handful of butterfly's for the hopeful ones.
Clean, white, and comfy;
We high five each other when we are ready to fail a test we didn't study for We run around and ho wild when we're with each other But in front of those scary teachers, we're on our best behavior
It takes two to lie upon the fallen leaves Whispering of the beautiful scenery Remembering the good things Working through the bad To build a bright future
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