I just keep thinking

We Got locked that day
In top floor of our coaching
Dispersed late after 8
On that busy Thursday evening

I was a bit nervous
Thought they'll go without me
But You looked frivolous
As it was your plan to trap me

We Shouted to call someone
But no-one was there
everyone was gone
Now We're the chess players

Thought we'll break the lock of door before stairs and outside the Class
I was loosing my sane more
you look calm amidst all the dark

I knew it won't work
Lock was high tech steel gaurd
But Kept the mouth shut
Who knows if we could break the glass

Found I had zero balance in cell
With 11% battery
What can possibly happen next
We're in a movie probably

few minutes later Watchman came
We could have broken the property
Why we were doing that ,he said
We told we were locked actually

I thought he had also lost his mind
In part time jail of that building
But it was most venturesome night
Now I just keep thinking

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Our world
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