Retired Adventurer

And then magically, I was staring in the face of my 14 year old self.
A face filled with joy and passion and promises of love.
And a handful of butterfly's for the hopeful ones.
I wanted to warn her and prepare her for the worst
But she would not hear me out.
Feeding me explanations of what being young was all about.

I was frustrated by her foolish sources of happiness
How could she be so naïve.
I didn't ask for this so why was it placed upon me.
I'd much rather stay in my comfort zone
Than babysit a wild child with an imagination unknown

An uncontrollable mouth with which she often swore
She casually sent teases of how I've become such a bore
And suggested that pride could end a wonderful life
So safety or adventure? Between this I was torn.

It was very entertaining the way she played and laughed.
She would walk outside barefoot without a worry of broken glass
And all of the sudden she wants to sit beside me.
She wants to foolishly guide me
But how could I resist that warm smile
And she says that this one may be worth my while

But I've been here sometime before
But this time was different because this time she was sure.
This time she kept me awake and so very distracted
And constantly reminded me of how I could be vibrantly attractive
And that I shouldn't worry, I should go with the flow
And that I won't end up in tears and if I did, It wasn't like I've never cried before
But I was so content with being untouchable
And so frightened of once again feeling vulnerable
But she'd often play music to match my emotions
She was a lively spirit with a poison so potent
She softened my fears with a spiritual notion
and awoken my body with vivid dreams unspoken
So I dive head first with uneasy waves
and handed her the pen so she could write the next page.


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