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Tires skidding Metal crushing My scream echoes.   I jolt awake Blinking in the Darkness, haunted Breath heavy, the drive.   My leg aches.  I close my eyes:
You ran wildly through fire. Mesmerized by the flame,     I ran too. For the shadow that never left my side,   I'd die too. Caught in the crossfire again,
Death is something most people hate. I can absolutely relate. You left a mark on my skin that is unseeable. Although I feel for it. It’s unreachable
I was an accident. Definition: Simple as that. The day I came knocking on my mother's womb door, everything changed from party college life to adulthood.   I was rasised by hard workers.
Beautiful girl,Your eyes are closedAnd the world is passing byYou probably don't know why.You might feel like the world is slowly forgetting you,But I'm hereAnd they're here
The August air is warm, thick, simmering, Stained with blood lost. Torn tendons pound, hollow and rusty, Echoing and reflecting off the chestnut siding, As one lacking in words but always craving attention.
My mind is delusional as its twists it's fist around me.
Bombs all around me Shrapnel hits my skin I can feel my life fading I’m about to give in   Then my Corpsman came
Tender gasoline coats the meadow – You look half dead half the time, dear. Children dream of willow fires and – Why don’t you pick the car up, dear? Violent burns open you up from below –
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