Tires skidding

Metal crushing

My scream echoes.


I jolt awake

Blinking in the

Darkness, haunted

Breath heavy, the drive.


My leg aches.

 I close my eyes:

The truck grows closer.


I open my eyes

Can't sleep.

Roll out of bed

Not ready to drive.


I grab my bag.

My sister waits;

she's still sore.


I look at Dad

Eyes pleading

I'm scared

He says drive.


Deep brearths:

Behind the wheel,

Eyes unblinking.


The engine roars

I hesitate.

I can't do it.

Mom says drive.


I drive slow,

Feeling the curves

Of the road.


Red lights

Turn to green.

My sister watches

She says drive.


The feel of

The petal beneath

My feet: it's right.



I feel free:

The ghosts and

guilt gone forever.


I say drive.

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