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Thoughts of self destruction may appear, Nobody seems to hear, For humans are busy fighting internal battles. The moment you put your thoughts into action, The world will keep moving,
  She felt the pressure Of a world being taken from her Everything she knew Was disappearing
There is so much more to this than the outside eye can see No one could ever understand just how much you actually mean to me It was you that I ran to those cold late nights
Nothingness is what fills me on the inside.  Theres no ambitious, drive, or enthusiasm.  My optimism is starting to decompose in the soil that was my dreams; the soil forever waiting for the seed of beginning to be planted.
Stone, I waited on the couch, Listening with every fiber of my being. Unmoved, I squeezed tight my breath, Hoping to hear words which weren’t there.                                 But the words that were there
I'm falling, falling, falling into the darkness I'm screaming, but no one hears me
And just like that My world fades to black My eyes lose focus
The patterns of life are so lost Just fragments and reflections 20 bucks but no cost Kneel down and say your confessions   Once again I find my self
When I was born you were next to me, Then I grew and you gave me your hand, I remember your look,your dreams, your eyes shined they could talk. Something happened that Autumn your laughter was lost
I won’t always be your one and onlyThis love was always meant to expireI know this may come off a bit coldlyBut I know that someday we will tire   
So I say goodbye to the daylight, To the sun I bid adieu,
I can see it all. The downfall of men. The inevitable destruction of all we once held close.   There is nothing we can do, but watch.   Watch as all the hope, comforts,
Please, Please, Please I’m dying. I have days, maybe weeks I’m dying I need to go, to need to see because I’m dying I need to act I need to be I’m dying  
you can act like you're my friend but we both remember the end let's stop pretending it's alright
It is drawing near, the end is in sight. I am overcome with wonder. What shall await on the beyond? Angels bearing singing, golden harps, blindingly beautiful light bathing my soul,
I can’t take this anymore. How can the people that meant so much, The ones that were there for you, Never failed to make you smile, Be the same people to shatter your heart to pieces?
The sweet yet somber days wear on. The dreary darkness of the world consumes me.  As I mournfully wait, for the angel of death to rescue me. From the cruel dark impurities of the world.
We will never be satisfied. It is against human nature To be content with what we have in our lives. Everyone wants more.
Sometimes I want to dive in to greet the bottom of the ocean floor Sometimes I want to jump off to see what lies in the concrete. Sometimes I want to drink because I am curious about what hides at the bottom of the bottle
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