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At sixteen it was no longer just me. I would no longer be all alone. I could see myself in another. Her name as beautiful as the day she was born.  Without her I would not be here, nor there. 
Standing there, Tall and fair A girl with a future, unprepared Growing again, making memories last   Standing out, actions scream and shout A young girl full of doubt
I do not need your book definitions Or words that lack emotions To explain who I am or what I feel. There is no one clear picture of me, Michelangelo could do his best to paint my soul
10 fingers and toes 9 months to carry
I love my kids.... Wouldn't trade them for the world. I hate to think though if I had just waited. What if I would have done it the right way? Wouldn't dare say traditional because my situation seems to be the new tradition.
Broken home. Young mom of two at twenty two. Girl you're a fool, just another statistic. More mouths to feed in that welfare line, no she said not today. Lets go to college I'll lead the way.
Attitudes, How do they teach me?  Smart remarks, How do they help me? I'm defiant? I just want to learn. Rowdy classes and rude students, do you care? You just pass us 'cause we're here.
Teens with children Basically babies having babies Having to face their biggest fears The fear of being a "bad" mother The fear of judgement from their peers The fear of being a single parent
It took two to create the seed That I nurtured for nine months So why is only one recognizing The responsibility of Being a parent?
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