Life Of A Young Mother

I love my kids.... Wouldn't trade them for the world. I hate to think though if I had just waited. What if I would have done it the right way? Wouldn't dare say traditional because my situation seems to be the new tradition. Unfortunately, mothers of many children get younger and younder as the years go by. I do love my babies though. All three of them. I hate the reaction I get from people who ask me.... Do you have any kids? Yes I do..... How many do you have? I have 3 little girls.... .......... Oh Wow you look pretty young....... Why yes I am :-)... Well how old are you? I am 24 years old...... More silence prevails me but facial expressions speak millions of emotionless words. People are so quick to pass judgment looking upon me with such disapproving eyes. What they don't know is that I don't care what they think....... Would they be less disapproving if I said well I was suppose to have 3 kids but instead of facing the consequences of my actions and to avoid uncomfortable conversations like this one I had 3 ABORTIONS. How differenty do you think they would look at me? Worse or the same? Would they tell me oh ok that was a wise decsion? Nobody think to ask well... What have you learned from having so many kids at such a young age? People pass judgment so quickly assuming I made bad decsions not knowing how much I have grown through my children. How much my girls have taught me. How blessed I feel to have three little people who show me love unconditionally without passing any judgment upon me what so ever. I love my girls... I shutter at the thought of life without them... I do not know who I would be. I love my children and the joy they have put into my life. So before you pass judgment upon me and let your face frown up when you ask me how many I have take a second to think how those God given miricles have changed my life.

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