Teen Mom


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It took two to create the seed
That I nurtured for nine months
So why is only one recognizing
The responsibility of
Being a parent?

He goes out
Smokin, drinkin, partyin
With his immature high school friends
And me…
I am home taking care
Of the life we created.

I am not bitter
I am not jealous
I adore the precious moments
Spent with my bundle of joy.

I LOVE being a Teen Mom
My son is
My baby, My heart, My love, My prince.

He is missing out on the
Priceless moments of being
A parent
But he is too immature
And self-centered
To realize.

I am a Teen Mom
It is a privilege and blessing
Wrapped up in one
Only the strong can handle this responsibility.

I am a Teen Mom.



This one of the many issues I face as a teen mom.

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