Teen Mom


Teens with children

Basically babies having babies

Having to face their biggest fears

The fear of being a "bad" mother

The fear of judgement from their peers

The fear of being a single parent

Still they recieve nothing but disrespect from others

They're called names 

They're bullied 

I agree that they are the ones who concieved the child

But it takes two

But everyone expects the mother to make up the bed that both parents laid in

They chastise when they should congratulate

After all

A baby is going to be born

One mistake is forgiven with a blessing

I don't know what a single day is like for the average teen mom

I'm barely on the outside looking in and I see a child who has to be an adult for her child

So to all the teen moms that are doing there best to provide for their child

I respect you

And if you haven't heard it yet


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