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Through the fast racing light When light and time intertwined And the line of space and time made jungle vines Out of stardust
my thoughts float around me in clouds of periwinkle and gold. ribboned stardust, mesmerizing me amidst the inky darkness of navy blue that blankets my mind   i often gaze up at them
i’ve wondered how you remember me. do you remember me? i’m grasping at strings that hold clouds. wisps slip through. am i too loud? whisper. gentle sounds make me
I let a cloud into the house,  One early autumn night, The room was dim and grey--- Moonlight seemed to fight, Its way through, but then was tired. It breathed upon the ceiling,
Each day before they parted they told her,“Remember”.So she did,she remembered,keeping their facesnext to her heartand listening to their voicesin the silence of her mind.
I gaze at his eyes, a color I don’t recall; forgetful in love.
You know the meaning of stop and think, You know the meaning of filtering, You know the meaning to breath after each sentence, Even better not externally thinking out loud, Or even being blunt.
Snapshots,     glimpses,sometimes mirror images   of faces     reflect in my brain. Once familiar people     and namesare now distant   and fading     ghosts.
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