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You know the meaning of stop and think,
You know the meaning of filtering,
You know the meaning to breath after each sentence,
Even better not externally thinking out loud,
Or even being blunt.
Well, you found me.
I am the complete opposite,
I can chat all day long,
for hours on end,
Just ask all my friends,
Who wish I could stop talking.
Ask my family,
For they knew this day would come,
As I started humming at the young age of one.
Could not stop saying what I was thinking,
Emotions and all,
Like a cat coughing up a hairball.
Yet, I talk so much,
No one can keep up,
They get side tracked,
Consumed by the yaps and blahs,
Into what I like to call,
"The Space Zone" or "Signs of Peace", the better name " Zoning out",
In space zone you mind goes blank,
You tend to say yes, mhmm, or the famous oh noo.
To get out of the place,
of the Chatty Kathy Zone",
You must learn these few signs alone,
Either run for your life or walk away,
Better yet, shut up.
Because when I start talking,
It might be all day.


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