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I have done it before I won’t do it again I don’t know my limits But I’ll pretend This world that doesn’t revolve around me,
You are boundless andI enslaved; you want limitsAnd I your freedom.
My path is lost, I must pause, For life has gotten without cause, Identity faded, I'm not who I was, Fazed into tomorrow, Sorrow in all, Must borrow happiness,
People, in life, learn to see Themselves just as titles--
Let me list the things that are on my mind The FEAR is gone and so is the strife
The mind, body, and soulAre explorations on their own Humanity is rich in curiosity And our livelihoods come in all shapes and forms Only ten percent of our mind has been achieved
Is it really that hard to respect that I have my limits too? I do not choose to live my life to please a man like you. Feel free to continue to shout and yell, I think I’ll take my leave.
The world lives,  To limit us. If we can accept those limits,  Then we shall live beyond them.
Limits, limits They seem so fucken fun! In actuality they make me want to run Run into the sun Away from restrictions
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