What Is The Mind?

Sun, 07/20/2014 - 18:34 -- AZ2468

The mind, body, and soul
Are explorations on their own

Humanity is rich in curiosity

And our livelihoods come in all shapes and forms

Only ten percent of our mind has been achieved

Yet we are surrounded by infinity

A world with cultures, religions, and romanticism

A world with war, racism, and reality

It has all been unlocked, by the human imagination

Where man can utter words of beauty

And question where ones bounds should exist

A teenager understands freedom

In a country that denies non-tradition

If I could invade and learn a hundred percent of ingenuity

But a young girl's provisions are never enough

Where is the exemption? How wide is love?

Chains are gone and slurs are made

Shackled by past and shame

Our mind is farther than conceptions

Space, time, memories, all man-made

What ticks, what clicks, and what is

It comes from the beat, the blood that flows

We create and title, we shape and form

Limits and quit its have no stand

Against the mind of man.

We are the colors, the art, and the voices

The gestures, the footsteps, the hoist 

We are the young and old, the truth and hope

Creations and creators of a complex mind.


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