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Brought from Romania Shipped over from home And now I'm here, To help myself.   But to head back to family Would hurt the most. If I could ride the horse Through the tiny corridors 
Summer 06' Circled around the screen is my family Grandpa in his recliner sitting stern and proud My little brothers cheering loud My mother and father clasping their hands
  There once was a girl from New York,
  The cool breeze skims my skin, Giving me the chills. My toes crinkle in the sand, As I quickly look to the hills.   Remembering him was easy, But missing him was hard.
A hand of tension One finger down at a time Three...Two...One Eyes close The wind blows The rain falls The house falls The cradle tips A tear drops Our hearts break
I love burying myself under the soft waves and forming a new, blind world under the wet, blue blankets
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