34 Souls (Hurricane Sandy Death Toll 34 in NJ)


United States
39° 47' 16.1556" N, 74° 20' 7.0296" W

A hand of tension

One finger down at a time


Eyes close

The wind blows

The rain falls

The house falls

The cradle tips

A tear drops

Our hearts break

Summer havens washed away

Our lives washed away

34 souls find way to shelter

A hand is relaxed

Limp like an elderly man

Where am I?


Minds open

Eyes open

The ocean rumbles

This is reality speaking

Wake up… Wake up

Lean on my crutch

You will be ok

34 souls are waiting for a light to shine

A hand is open

Like a hungry child

‘Help me’


We are all here

Take the hand

We become one state

One nation

One continent

One world

One heart

Hands held

Fingers crossed

We unite

34 souls watch the clouds part

The wind is dead

The rain has seized

Graves are marked

Hearts are scarred

Love is lost

Love is found

Hands held in prayer

Time will heal

34 souls disappear into the light



Could you please critique my poem?


Your poem is good and really touching

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